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You know, reception halls and banquet facilities often keep their décor neutral in order to attract many different types of events. While this benefits their business, it does nothing to give your event the “pop” that you want; you want to give your guests a “WOW” factor when they walk in!

Renting an Up-Lighting from Fifth Ace Entertainment can be the perfect way to take your venue from “ehh, this is nice…” to “doesn’t this place look AMAZING?”! We can match almost any color and project that color onto the walls of your facility!

We will go to your venue prior to the event to assess the space to give you an idea of what will be needed, and advise you on what will work best for your event. We will give you a few estimates for your event that will span the continuum of low to high budgets and elaborateness. Then, on the day of the event, we go in and transform your reception space into the colorful masterpiece you envision!

Contact us today and ask about our pricing options for a fantastic Up-Lighting package that works for you!

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