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Come hang out and have a few cocktails with Fifth Ace Entertainment and you’ll be treated to the type of dance mixes that you won’t necessarily need cocktails to enjoy! The word “mixes” takes on dual meaning because you will not only hear a “mix” of the best dance music from today and of times past, but you will also hear that music professionally “mixed” and blended together with no interruptions or dead air spots between songs!

Party people who love to dance will truly enjoy not having to stop dancing at the end of every song waiting for the next one to play, which is what occurs at many dance clubs. We also understand that dancers don’t like to dance slow, then fast, then slow again, all within a few minutes! Unfortunately, not all DJs like to dance, which prevents them from knowing what dancers like and dislike. That is why we blend our music, so dancers can dance at a more continuous pace, not an erratic one. In addition, our music selection at Fifth Ace Entertainment is dominated by dance favorites from all generations, so if you can dance to it, odds are in your favor that we have what you need for you to get on the dance floor!

Another unique trait of Fifth Ace Entertainment is the willingness to break new music before it hits the mainstream radio. This feature allows us to bring our party people songs to enjoy before the local radio stations begin to saturate the airwaves with them. Others may wait until songs are already “played out” from the radio to begin to play them in their clubs, but at Fifth Ace Entertainment, we always try to give you a taste of what’s next, not just what was! This way, when you hear a song on the radio, you can think back and say, “I heard this song from Fifth Ace Entertainment first!”

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