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DJ Dan Koch

Dan Koch, Owner of Fifth Ace Entertainment

On a long stretch of highway between Canton, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in early 1982, a young boy traveling by car with his family was perplexed. "Mommy, how do know the words to all the songs that come on the radio," the boy asked with an acute interest.

"Mommy just loves to listen to the music, and after a while, the words just stick with you," said the mother, hoping the answer would be enough to fulfill the boy's query.

"I like it, too, Mom! Make the car dance again!" asked the boy as he attempted to snap his tiny fingers to the beat of "Get Ready" by the Temptations, but not quite getting the same sound from his snap as the snaps from the others in the car. As the car swerved back and forth down the unoccupied highway to the music, the boy closed his eyes, smiled, and soaked in the sound of the radio hoping one day he, too, would know all the words to the songs like his mother.

From standing on hard-shell suitcases singing along to "All Shook Up" by Elvis Presley at age three, to trying out for a 1988 middle school talent show with aspirations of being the first white rap artist (way before Eminem!), to rocking countless karaoke crowds with dead-on renditions of "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green, DJ 5th Ace has had a penchant for entertaining others by way of music his entire life. Possessing, as more than one acquaintance has explained, "a little too much soul for one white boy", the 5th Ace knows exactly what it takes to get a good dance party going, and also what it takes to keep it going!

A true, self-taught connoisseur of popular music, he continues to educate himself on the music of yesteryear, as well as keeping up with all of the contemporary jams! Older folks get into conversations with him about music of the 50's and 60's and walk away impressed as if he lived in that era, while younger people talk music with him and walk away enlightened, taking music facts away from the conversation that they weren't aware of beforehand. This knowledge, grouped with superior beat-mixing and extraordinary creativity, makes DJ 5th Ace truly an asset to the world of entertainment!

And if you are driving in Pittsburgh and you see a vehicle swerving back and forth rhythmically in the middle of the day, beep your horn and check your FM dial! It may very well be DJ 5th Ace, singing along with the radio- word for word, just like Mom!

DJ Tim Palmer

DJ Tim Palmer

I live on the dance floor. Anyone who knows me knows that it takes very little to get me up and dancing when good music is playing, and I have no problem whatsoever being the first, or only, person out on the floor! The hardest part about DJing, for me, is the fact that I sometimes get stuck *working* and I can't make me way out to actually dance to the music I'm playing! This character trait gives me a decided advantage when determining what type of music to play to get party people dancing.

I became interested in becoming a DJ many years ago while attending a wedding reception of a good friend. The DJ that evening inspired me to learn the craft, and has since become my DJ mentor. It is my pleasure to now work with that mentor under the 5th Ace Entertainment umbrella, and join in their long-standing tradition of excellence.

I feel I fit in with the 5th Ace Entertainment style of DJing because I, like the other great DJs within the company, love bringing great dance music and a fun vibe to all types of events, large and small, formal or informal. Bringing fun to, and having fun with, you and your guests is my goal, but without losing the preparation and professionalism aspects of organizing events. I am fan of all types of music from all generations, from pop to electro, disco to country, oldies to hip-hop and R&B, so I can handle all of your musical needs easily.

Contact us and allow me the opportunity to describe, in further detail, what I can bring to the table! Cheers!

DJ Marcus Fandozzi

DJ Marcus Fandozzi

An extremely talented and diverse DJ , Rufiani is a new addition to the family. He specializes in dance clubs and parties as well as special events ranging from kids parties to weddings to retirement parties. Musical inspirations include, but are not limited to, DJ Rectangle, Singer Frank Sinatra, Producer Scott Storch, and Jazz Trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. Behind the scenes you can find him playing sports, playstation, and watching sports and cartoons.

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